“SAPHIR” garage type with 2.85 m outer dimensionte

The Sapphire garages have a uniform width of 2.85 m (double garage 5.72 m). The outer height is 2,55 m. The garage door clearance height is 2,08 m. For double garages, you can choose the centre wall block out to be between the widths of 2.50 to 3.50 m. On request, windows and doors can be installed at almost any place.

SAPHIR-garageexternal dimensionsgate entrance*
model variant 12,85 m5,50 m2,55 m2,37 m2,08 m
model variant 22,85 m5,75 m2,55 m2,37 m2,08 m
model variant 32,85 m6,00 m2,55 m2,37 m2,08 m
SAPHIR-annexeexternal dimensions  
2,85 m2,50 m2,55 m
2,85 m3,00 m2,55 m
2,85 m3,50 m2,55 m